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    欢迎大家来到果盘游戏NBA Live专区,今天果盘游戏小编为大家带来NBA Live下载地址 最新版下载!!
    2015年最受欢迎最好玩的手机游戏是什么?当然是NBA Live啦!果盘小编推荐给大家的这款游戏在各大应用商店都排名前列,有上百万人正在玩!还等什么?快来下载吧!
    Follow every swish, dunk, and layup with Basketball Live – a new NBA app from the world’s most popular sports app developers.Get inside the paint with the fastest and most detailed NBA app in the App Store.The first version of Basketball Live includes: • Lightning-fast live scores.• In-depth live match stats.• Breaking news.• Team news: see only the stories that affect your team. • Detailed visual stats – unique to Basketball Live.• Detailed team and player head-to-head analysis.• Match Day schedule sorted by week or month.• Comprehensive pre-match coverage. • Colour schemes customised by team.• Team and player Tweets.• Chat rooms: discuss the big issues with other fans.About the Developers:Sportsmate Mobile is a world-leading sports app developer with over 4 million downloads and over one billion app launches. Our most popular app, EPL Live, has an average rating of 5 stars.User reviews:“Cannot fault Sportsmate apps! So much attention to detail! They just keep getting better! Thank you!!!”“Got the whole series of these apps for different codes… Love them all.”“The guys at SportsMate are all over it with each and every one of their apps. App design is brilliant, making everything easily accessible, and they provide more features than any other app out there. Couldn’t recommend all their apps enough.”We appreciate your feedback – send comments to or Tweet us @Sportsmate.
    以上就是果盘游戏为大家带来的NBA Live下载地址 最新版下载!啦!



NBA 2K13
NBA 2K13


【叉叉推荐】 有没有看到凯文•杜兰特、[详细]【叉叉推荐】 有没有看到凯文•杜兰特、布雷克•格里芬和德里克•罗斯等一众球星?叉小喵好激动啊,都是超级偶像啊有木有!哼哼,现在小喵也有机会控制球星们耍帅了,看我让凯文•杜兰特快速地避过对方球队的夹攻,帅气地飞身投篮,哎呀,反应不够快,被截下来了,唉,看来过分耍帅是不对的,没看到队友们都等着你传球吗?相信你一定会比小喵懂得如何去领导一个团队,快来吧,你将有机会成为篮球场上的霸主哦。 【游戏简介】 《NBA 2K13》是一款以美国职业篮球联赛为题材的体育运动游戏,本游戏作为《NBA 2K》系列的最新作品,加入了许多新内容和新元素,游戏采用了新的物理引擎,让游戏中的传球与偷懒更加真实。本游戏主打的球星是NBA新生代的三位巨星,凯文•杜兰特,布雷克•格里芬和德里克•罗斯。游戏不仅包含了梦一队及梦十队,而且把复古球队增加到了三十七支。